Rein Hard exhaust muffler


Cannonball MufflerProduct Specifiction

Using and secured enough capacity.
Dynamic sound and overlooked body.

Product Specification

  • Corresponds to all type of car with ordinary design of exhaust
  • High exhaust efficiency rate and high output without sacrificing low-mid speed by the straight structure
  • Adopting the light weight hang-in stay (excluding some car)
  • Possible to fit the inner silencer

Crank up the volume and enjoy!

Line-up 2 types of model in different finishing STD and SPL

STD STD is a standard buff finish in silencer part (except titanium) and the polished pipe is used. The welding is done by FLUX welding to save the total cost. (Tig welding is done in rear silencer part);
SPL SPL is a full Tig (Tungsten Inert Gas welding) and full buff finish

*All our products are certificated by JASMA. (The Japan Automotive Muffler Association)

Selectable Stainless or Titanium material for the rear silencer part

You can check the difference of material sound between semi-titanium and stainless exhaust.

Crank up the volume and enjoy!


With Design Logo by 3 dimensions laser in tail part

Heat Gradation finish in titanium tail


Carved seal of Rein Hard in body part

Correspondence auto models and price list : ( Alphabetical Order )

For circuit means the straight pipe without silencer for the center pipe
Conform means the center pipe has a silencer to meet the Japanese standard of SHAKEN.